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When seeking cheap car rental, lots of people favor scheduling a holiday or company car hire in advance. Car hire is typically a should for many business trips unless you are being grabbed at the airport. Driving an electric vehicle is excellent for brief journeys, yet when you have long distances to travel, or even overseas, then you have to hire a car, and you want something proper for your demands.

East coast car rentals cairns airport can be much more essential to most individuals, particularly if they have huge households entailing two grownups and three or four kids. It's bad enough having two youngsters in the rear of a small car, not to mention 3. Vacationing, you might need a 4x4 or even a people provider (weird name) that can fit your entire family conveniently and without grievances the whole means! These are not always available at airports, so you could have trouble if you do not have the publication in advance.

When talking in regards to 9 seater car hire choices, 7 & 8 seater car rental cairns are the first things that enter your mind for many individuals, but for the sake of this short article, our focus will get on limos. Taking a ride within a classy limo lends a touch of classiness to basically any kind of event; consisting of yet not limited to, weddings, birthday celebration events, graduations, as well as senior proms; however, prior to choosing a limo solution as your means of car hire after that think about these couple of decorums, demands and also suggestions.

4wd car hire in Cairns is beneficial to the clients as they are economical and easily accessible rental solutions for its customers, giving them what they exactly require at the most effective feasible prices. 

Dependable and also effortless, the rental is easy and too fast means to locate the very best rental rates from throughout the country. You can also compare the best prices in the sector via us as some companies have accessibility to the top car hire sites, therefore, conserving your priceless money and time. Take a look at a 4wd rental in Cairns for much more budget-friendly offers.

Whether you are trying to find budget car rental, national car rental, or an enterprise car rental, the business provides the most effective to assist your search. The client obtains value for cash as they only supply a detailed comparison of various products by scanning numerous internet sites giving the most effective bargains, yet likewise, schedule you an option to book straight with a particular company. 

Some companies preserve total transparency in their negotiations so the client can be assured that his benefit was considered. Hire four wheel drive hire in Cairns when planning for a long holiday.

The business has an interactive ranking system that the client can rank the rental car agency independently. The other features of the excellent solutions consist of punctuality in the services, accessibility of automobiles in outstanding condition, price quotes which are most affordable in the marketplace, a group of courteous personnel as well as most of all, automobile satisfaction which most clients think is one of the most crucial things. 

Each company the main emphasis is the fulfillment of clients; you can see their websites to give responses, which will offer the rental firm more understanding right into what expectations their consumers have. Hire budget car rental in Cairns airport that can be your best alternative.

Budget Car Rental Cairns Airport

If you are planning to have a getaway in a particular vacationer destination, it is vital to make a prepare for your transportation within that location. Many individuals usually decide to use taxis is going to places, which is a little bit costly; other a lot more economical options are trains, buses, and also other public flights — select budget Cairns airport for a comfortable journey.

Car hire Cairns airport budget is another selection that is hardly ever considered by several vacationers as well as tourists; this is typically less costly compared to taxis and also almost at the same level in price with taking mass transit. This alternative is exceptionally hassle-free compared to utilizing taxis as well as buses. 

One of the excellent benefits that budget ute hire services supply is that it is time-saving in terms of moving to different locations, permitting you to visit more places within a defined time. Locate economical ute all the time rentals for inexpensive cost costs.

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Cheap UTE Hire Cairns

All day car hire Cairns bring you the best deals

All day best car hire Cairns can be an inexpensive way of obtaining a mode of transportation when it is really needed. There are a number of reasons why people rent cars. Those reasons can include: a means to get around on a vacation, as an alternative mode of transportation when a person's own vehicle is being repaired, or to have a dependable vehicle for a long road trip. No matter what the reason a person chooses to rent a car, he or she should consider car rental add-ons that can give him or her added safety and convenience.

For people who are renting a car while on vacation, chances are they do not know the area they are vacationing in well enough to get around without the possibility of getting lost. It is for this reason that our car hire offer GPS navigation systems as a car rental add-on. 

Rental cars discounts for long term Cheap UTE Hire Cairns are much sought after especially by businessmen who get assigned to faraway areas. If you are relocated in another country for a number of months, then it would be quite impractical and very costly for you to ship your own car abroad. It would also be a wiser decision than renting a driving service. With a driving service, you have to pay double since you will also consider the salary of the chauffer. With all day budget car hire Cairns, you simply have to pay the basic rental fee and can even get the total amount lowered because of rental cars discounts.

Personal safety is extremely important but when traveling with small children; their safety should be top priority. As a way of keeping the safety of children a priority, car rental offer child car seats and boosters as a car rental add-on. This can be convenient for people who are traveling on vacation and do not have the necessary safety equipment for children to ride safely in a vehicle. It can also be convenient for people who have children but do not own a car but are renting a vehicle for a short period of time. This keeps them from having to purchase their own car seats and boosters that may not ever be used again.

The ability to rent a car gives people a convenient way to obtain transportation when they need it most. Renting a car comes with a responsibility not only for the driver and others in the vehicle but also for the vehicle itself. All day budget car hire Cairns can add safety and convenience to any rental and should be considered when renting a vehicle.

Why Rent a Car? - a question that rang a bell on most drivers' mind, especially at times when their own cars are causing more trouble than its expected benefits. The most reasonable argument though, to underline the answer as to why you should rent cars is that it gives the driver the luxury of having a car to traverse around town without having to worry about servicing and repairs. Excluding the fact that all day private car hire Cairns is a simple phone call away!

Cheap UTE Hire Cairns can offer you with a host of benefits whether you're heading off on holiday and need a car for a few days or you're considering hiring a car for a week or more. Thousands of people choose cheap car hire for longer term solutions, whether their vehicle is in the shop for repairs or they don't own a vehicle and need one to take the family on a well-earned break.

Here can be innumerous reasons for you to choose renting a car over driving all by yourself, especially when you are traveling long distances. If you are traveling via road for a holiday, you would rather want to enjoy the scenic beauty around you instead of focusing on the accelerator and the best way to do that is to rent a car and be stress free.

You don't always get the chance to travel abroad, so you might want to consider hiring a car when you spend your holiday in a foreign country. Car leasing companies have opened offices everywhere around the touristic areas in order to enable tourists to learn more about the culture of the country they are visiting.

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All Day Car Rentals

Terms And Conditions

Rental Terms

Please Note:
This document contains a summary of some of the rental conditions. For detailed conditions, refer to the rental agreement upon vehicle collection.


Vehicles must be kept on sealed roads at all times with the exceptions of 4WDs. All vehicles can only be driven on recognised roads as shown on maps.

All insurance and refundable money is waived if the above conditions are breached. Any damage and/or recovery costs are the responsibility of the renter.

Specified Area includes Cape Tribulation, Atherton Tablelands, Innisfail and Mission Beach unless authorised.


Our vehicles are always fully maintained and serviced. However, we recognise that occasional breakdowns and small problems will occur. All repairs must be authorised prior to any repair work. Repairs will be approved provided the customer was not directly responsible for the damage. We will reimburse you for expenses incurred for any authorised repairs as long as receipts can be presented. We will not except any responsibility for hotel or motel charges, meals or out of pocket expenses, in the case of breakdowns or for any lost days.


Available in all states


We reserve the right to charge the customer for any traffic infringements. An administration fee applies. All accidents must be reported with in 24 hours.


A deposit is required on all vehicles at time of collection. This is determined by the excess reduction option. Your security deposit can be paid by a credit card. The credit card holder must be present and able to sign for the vehicle security deposit upon vehicle collection. The card holder is jointly and severally liable for any damage to the rental vehicle. The security deposit is fully refundable provided the vehicle is returned on time undamaged in a clean order with a full fuel tank and to the right location. Failure to return the vehicle clean, undamaged or without a full tank or to the wrong location will incur a fee which will be advised upon return of the vehicle.


The hirer is responsible for the excess of the cost of damage to the rented vehicle or third party property, including single vehicle accidents, windscreen and tyre damage, towing and recovery costs, theft, fire, break-in or vandalism. This also includes the cost of the daily rentals for the period the vehicle is off road for accident repairs. The excess is applicable regardless of who is at fault and must be paid at the time the accident report is completed, not at the completion of the rental. The excess will be refunded if we are successful in recovering the cost of the damages from the third party. Please note that insurance claims can take months to resolve. The excess applies in respect of each claim, not rental. All Damage Covered is Forfeited if the terms and conditions of the rental agreement are breached.

All insurance cover will be made void if any of the following exclusions are breached:

(1) Insurance does not cover

    (a) submersion in water
    (b) contact with salt water
    (c) creek or river crossings
    (d) driving through flooded areas
    (e) beach driving
    (f) single vehicle accidents

(2) Personal belongings are not covered. We recommend the renter does not leave valuables in the vehicle and should take out personal insurance.

(3) Breech of Rental Agreement terms. The renter will be responsible for the total cost of any damage. This will include any damage caused by wilful conduct e.g. sitting or standing on the bonnet or roof of the vehicle.

(4) Bogged Vehicles – The renter will be responsible for the cost to retrieve or recover a vehicle, which has become bogged

(5) Incorrect use of fuel – The renter will be responsible for any associated cost if fuel issued incorrectly (fuel being diesel or petrol) Includes any associated costs related to the incident

(6) Under body damage or Overhead damage regardless of excess package taken.

(7) The cost to replace keys which have become lost, or retrieval of keys which have been locked in a vehicle.

(8) Any damage caused by driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

(9) The vehicle rented may only be used to legally carry the amount of passengers allowed. If more passengers are carried than allowed Totally campers does not accepted any responsibility.

(10) Drivers not identified on the rental agreement and/or a drivers that does not have a current open licence.

The hirer is responsible for any recovery costs incurred through negligence regardless of the insurance excess. All Day Car Rentals can not be held responsible for any breakdowns.


A rental period is based on a 24hr basis.


All Day Car Rentals does not allow the carriage of pets or any animals in their vehicles whilst on rental. Carriage of pets or animals will render the contract void, and the rental bond will be retained and used for cleaning and fumigating the vehicle.


Should the vehicle booked be unavailable through unforseen circumstances, All Day Car Rentals reserves the right to substitute an alternative vehicle without prior notification. This shall not constitute a breach of contract and does not entitle the hirer a refund.


Drivers must be 21 years or over, with a full driver’s licence. If the licence is not an English format then an international drivers licence is required. A current motor vehicle driver’s licence is required and must be produced on pick-up.


A cleaning fee is imposed if the vehicle is not returned in a reasonable condition to the manager’s discretion.


All Day Car Rentals will not honour calculation errors. Should a calculation error occur We will charge for the shortfall.


The cancellation fees are as follows:

  • If cancelled up to 25 days prior to pick up $200.00 fee
  • If cancelled from24 days to 7 days prior to pick up 20% of Gross Rental
  • If cancelled 6 days to 1 day prior to pick up 50% of Gross Rental
  • If cancelled on day of pick up or NO-Show 100% of Gross Rental
  • If vehicle is returned early for any reason there is no refunds for the unused rental days.


All Day Car Rentals

Privacy Policy

All Day Car Rentals Cairns understands your concerns about the personal information that you provide to us either through our boooking form, by phone or in person at our Cairns city office. We hope to relieve these concerns about your sensitive information.

What personal information does All Day Car Rentals collect about me?

When you make an enquiry for a car hire & rental you provide us with your contact details such as your name, home address, email address and phone number. This is required by us to contact you so that we may return your enquiry and confirm if you can make a car rental booking.

In the event that you do make a car hire booking we also require your bank card or credit card details to proccess your rental booking.

Do you keep a record of this information and for how long?

We keep a record of your contact details up untill the end of your car rental booking. We do NOT keep records of your bank card or credit card as you are required to pay for your car hire booking and bond when you sign the car rental contract.

Does All Day Car Rentals share my personal information?

We do not share any of your personal information with anyone. Occassionally if we can not meet your vehicle demands we will enquire about the availability of your desired rental vehicle with other local Cairns car hire & rental companies on your behalf but we do not share any of your personal information.

All Day Car Rentals

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